The Helpful Machine Company Pty Ltd

The Helpful Machine Company is a research and development company focused on developing assistive technology. We are currently developing our first product, Stactuator.

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Stactuator is an accessible storage solution

Stactuator is a device that provides a home storage and sorting solution, enabling storage in inaccessible places. It gives independence to people who might otherwise struggle to lift things, reach traditional storage, or remember where items are kept. Through intuitive voice and device based interfaces, people can easily store and retrieve their items.

We are currently undergoing product development, and would greatly value your input.

Our market research survey is now closed. Thank you to all who participated.

It's designed for everyone

Stactuator is for everyone. It is simple to use, increases your accessible storage, and saves time and energy.

More independence

No need to rely on others to assist with day-to-day storage.

Saves time

Saves time and energy, so you can focus on more important things.

Easy to use

Stactuator is easy to use.

Rental property friendly

Anywhere you can install a set of shelves, you can install Stactuator. This includes most rental properties

Intuitive controls

Stactuator can be controlled with your phone, by voice, and with many other input devices.

More storage

Stactuator unlocks new storage possibilities, giving you more storage.

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